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A flight beyond.

I'm getting back into reading books. (As strange as that is to say. >.>)
Now, I'm beginning to realize that video games were a better investment.

Though, I'm also getting into writing, again. But, if I want to publish a book, I need to get my thoughts together. Music, surprisingly works well. And they tell you to write in a quiet, well-lit room..

Very irregular updating times.

Why, hello, dear readers. (All three of you.) It's been a while. >.> Summer's began to bring me some very, very irregular updating times... So, I'll just post a quick recap on what's been going on the past few weeks...

So, ummm, I....
-Dueled like mad with friends in the mall!
-Pulled some crazy good cards from YGO booster packs!
-Hung out with cousins!
-Saw my uncle who was currently off serving in Fort Knox!
-Watched more Comedy Central!
-Turned the sarcasm up to eleven!
-Started watching more Adult Swim!
-Got tons of 'fro compliments!

...Boy, that was a helluva mouthful. /thatswhatshesaid

Now, back to a few other things.
Senior pictures 2010 went very well. I was flattered; the photographers said they liked my "unique" sense of style, and let me (Well really, my dad, because I'm not 18), sign a modeling release, because the said I photograph very well. That was a confidence boost, though, I'm still wondering whether that's something the say to everyone. >.<

And, another thing's been on my mind. The girl I like, she's moved on, and I couldn't be any happier for myself, and her. I'm glad, I mean, love blinds you. It probably wouldn't have worked out, I'd just better keep looking forward. Maybe there's someone for me, maybe not. I'm fine by myself, considering that's one less problem to deal with.

Makes me happy for the future. I'm gonna be rich, someday. There's so much I could put my mind to. I've been looking into the sciences; makes me want to build something in my spare time... Like a railgun. The concept's simple enough! And maybe, just maybe, I'll find someone who appreciates my afro for who I am, and my crude railgun.

...'Cause I'm a nerd.

I once was a fatalist.

But, aren't all events in life crafted of our own free will? We have the ability to do what we feel is right, not leave it up to the universe to decide whether things should come to you. So, only we have the option to decide whether to make a decision. Only time will be the judge of our own freedom and will.

In other words, lesson learned.
Time to enjoy life again.

The irony of the human heart.

The fact that the very organ ensuring our body's function and survival could in fact, at any moment, fail, leading to our rather slow and painful demise. So, it's a double-edged sword?


Good god...

I think I rediscovered my love of Yu-Gi-Oh.
-I'm such a nerd.

The first day of the rest of my life.

Before I begin, I'd like to start by saying that I was a little too lazy to follow-up on the Kon. Honestly, not much happens on odd-numbered years... But it was fun, regardless...


I'm playing Yu-Gi-Oh, again. For better or worse.
I'm such a nerd.

That, and I'm finally a senior. It's funny, too, because as I woke up in the morning looking in the mirror, I noticed that I was growing a goatee. Well, I suppose little Charlie is finally growing up. Ha ha. But, I'm a little saddened, because I never did get to asking her out. I mean, I hinted it to her before school let out. But, I arguably accomplished more to get to know her better this week, than ever. 

Oh well. I still have the summer. Who knows, maybe I'll bum into her? But, I could chat with her over Facebook, get to know her better.

I hope you wait for me. I won't seek conflict like the last guy did.

Love x Peace
-See ya' in the next life.

A-Kon 21; Part Zero

Good god. It's time for the convention already. Too bad I'm so much of a procrastinator that I still need to buy and paint another four items. >.>
But good lord, it's already here.

Now, I'd better get started on reading my English book, and planning the rest of my costume. By god, do I work well under pressure.

To a night, goodbye. I don't think I'm over her, yet.
<input ... ><input ... >

Everything's back to normal.

A return to normalcy... I'm happy.
It helps that I can have some fun with the family. ^_^
Yeah, life's pretty good right about now.

Love's a losing game.

Well, that's the end of it, I suppose.
So many thoughts racing through my head, but I guess it wasn't meant to be. I feel horrible on the inside, yet, I feel so happy for her. Glad I can finally let her go.
But, it's unfortunate, how everything in my life seems to be falling apart at the same time.
It's as if, as one era ends for one, another begins for another.

...Not exactly sure how to take this.
Guess I deserve this.

 It's funny, how so many people are finding someone. Maybe I will, but right now, I sit on the side of cynicism on the scale. Oh well, at least I'll have more time to devote to the more important matters in life.. Wherever they stand.
But, to be fair, I did wait too long.

All love is unrequited.

Honestly, it's hard to proceed when I think that she likes someone else. Granted, all I want is to see her happy; in fact, it brightens my heart to see her smile... Yet, I'm not sure about how to approach her. Well, it wasn't this week. So I'll have to tell her at the Kon... ? This is tough. And I'd hate to leave a bad impression. So, I'm torn on whether or not to get her a gift from the field trip I'm going to today. Would that seem too strange to give her something, and ask for a date?


Why are relationships so complicated?
My mind be better off without one, yet, my heart says otherwise..

...But, it's not about me.